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Pearl & Gold Ear Seed Kit

Pearl & Gold Ear Seed Kit

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Bring a little old-world charm with Pearl Ear Seeds.

24k gold-plated Ear Seeds topped by the understated glamour of pearls.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine pearls are considered to nourish the heart and calm the spirit. It's thought that pearls help to restore a harmonious balance between Yin and Yang.

This set includes:

  • 1 x Pearl Ear Seeds (20 ear seeds)
  • 1 x 24k Gold-plated Ear Seeds  (20 ear seeds)
  • Tweezers
  • Seeded Ear Seed point guide with 6 wellness protocols


Proudly Australian | Cruelty Free | Vegan

How to use

How to use:
1. Before applying your Seeded Ear Seeds, thoroughly clean the ear with alcohol to remove all dirt and oils. Clean and dry ears to ensure a proper stick with Seeded Ear Seeds

2. Using tweezers, remove your ear seed off the backing strip and apply to the targeted area. Press gently with your finger to stick the ear seed onto the ear.

3. Apply the seed to the point location identified via the Seeded Ear Seed point guide

4. Never place inside the ear canal.

5. Remove your seeds after 2 to 4 days. Leave 2-3 days in between ear seeding sessions.

Do not use ear seeds if you are pregnant, please see our FAQ's for more information.


24k Gold-plated pellets
Clear tape

Care Instructions

Seeded Ear Seeds are for single use only.

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