Bian stone. The original Gua Sha

Bian stones are considered the original stone for gua sha. Historically used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, bian stones were used as a form of ancient acupuncture.

What makes this stone special? 

The microcrystalline structure of the bian stone creates a delicate, silky smooth texture that glides over the skin. 

Bian is considered a healing stone as it contains more than thirty trace elements beneficial to health. Its complex structure makes it unique compared to other commonly used stones such as jade or quartz. The crystalline structure emits an energy field called infa-red, producing negative ions that both conduct and retain heat.   

Benefits of bian stone on the body

  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Microcirculation
  • Stimulating the flow of QI (energy)
  • Conducts heat to aid in tissue healing
  • Helps reduce puffiness and swelling  
  • Gua sha is known to help with toxin removal via stimulating the circulatory system and the flow of oxygen. 
  • Firming, tightening and toning muscles 

How to use your gua sha?

Watch this tutorial video for a beginners guide on how to use gua sha 

Before you start, apply a serum or oil to a clean dry skin. This will aid the gua sha to glide smoothly across the face or body. 

Caring for your bian stone

As bian is a natural stone, we recommend to avoid cleaning your tool with soap or detergent at it damages the crystalline structure and may impair its therapeutic effect. We suggest washing your bian stone with warm water and place in the sun to rejuvenate the stones energy. 

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